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Coriander (Coriandrum sativum) is an annual herb in the family Apiaceae. The plant requires good exposure to sunlight with medium to heavy loamy soil, sound drainage, and well-distributed moisture. The sowing period is from October to December; Harvesting extends from January to April and arrivals start from January and continue till April. The crop duration is of 90 days. The commercial parts of the plant are its leaf and seed. The aroma of the fruit is warm, nutty and spicy and it is used for its medicinal properties and also as flavouring and seasoning agent.

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Uses of Dhaniya
– Used as one of the important spices in food and is consumed throughout India
– Dhaniya oil and oleoresins are primarily used in seasonings for sausages and other meat products.
– An important ingredient in the manufacture of food flavourings.
– Dhaniya Powder is used as a flavouring agentm in a number of pharmaceutical preparations, especially the digestive medicines.

Factors influencing the price
– Weather condition in Dhaniya producing areas especially at sowing, flowering and harvesting stage.
– Demand for Dhaniya from Processor of spices in India and Exporting Countries
– Government policies on Import and Export.
– International Prices.
– Carryover stocks.


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