Guar Seed 10 MT

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Guar (Cyamopsis tetragonoloba) is a leguminous crop, which grows best in sandy soils and needs moderate, intermittent rainfall. It is a hardy, drought-resistant bush and is sown after the first monsoon showers between the second half of July and early August. It is harvested during late October-November. Green pods of Guar are consumed as a vegetable.

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Uses of Guar Seed
– Guar Seed is a Most popular cattle feed in India
– After processing, it is sold as guar gum, guar korma and guar churi. Both guar churi and guar korma are used in cattle feed and poultry feed.

Salient features of Guar contracts on STAPP plataform
– Very high co-relation to the physical Guar market
– Adequate volume and liquidity
– Ideal Hedging and Risk Management Platform for value chain participants in Guar industry
– Widely accepted as benchmark for Guar prices across India and abroad
– Compulsory delivery contract with staggered delivery mechanism
– Premium/ Discount structure for fair pricing across the country
– Widely accepted quality specifications.


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