Gur (Feed Grade)

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Gur/Jaggery is a pure, traditional, unrefined form of sweetener. This is a low grade non-centrifugal ancient sweetening agent in India and other countries. Gur/Jaggery is commonly known as Gur in India, Desi in Pakistan, Panela in Mexico and South America, Gur/Jaggery in Burma and African countries, Hakuru in Sri Lanka, Naam Taan Oil in Thailand. It is a natural mixture of sugar and molasses.

It is a low grade non-centrifugal sweetener prepared from Sugarcane and certain species of palm, consumed in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Africa, Myanmar, China, Indonesia, Brazil and many other countries. In India, Gur/Jaggery is mainly produced from Sugarcane.

If pure clarified Sugarcane juice is boiled, what is left [usually possessing sucrose (65-85%)] as solid is Gur/Jaggery. It is a brown raw mass of sucrose which gets its color because of other elements found in concentration such as wood, ash and bagasse.

It is different from Khandsari sugar, which is a finely granulated, crystallized Sugar that contains 94-98% sucrose. It differs from refined Sugar to the extent that the latter mainly consists of glucose and fructose, while the prior contains glucose and sucrose. Gur/Jaggery also has minerals and vitamins which are absent in refined sugar. In terms of physical properties, Gur/Jaggery is not brick hard, but is easily breakable and looks clean.

India is the largest producer of Gur/Jaggery in the world with a 70% share of global production. The major Gur producing states in India are Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Bihar. These five states contribute more than 80% of Gur/Jaggery production.

Gur/Jaggery industry is very popular in Uttar Pradesh, which is the leading producer in the country. It contributes more than 40% to total Gur/Jaggery production in India.

India is majorly exporting Gur/Jaggery to Sri Lanka, Nepal, Benin, Indonesia and USA.

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Uses of Gur
– Gur/Jaggery is one of the traditional items of various ingredients in Indian way of cooking.
– Gur/Jaggery is considered as an instant source of energy
– Gur/Jaggery is popularly known as the “medicinal sugar” and is nutritionally comparable with honey
– Gur has medicinal benefits like relieving fatigue, relaxation of muscles, nerves and blood vessels, maintains blood pressure and reduces water retention, increases hemoglobin level and prevents anaemia
– It help animals in digesting food and also increase their productivity.

Factors affecting Prices-Gur
– Prices of the other competitive sweeteners like sugar etc.
– Any changes in demand both in domestic as well as international markets
– Celebrations and festival seasons when the Gur is consumed in larger quantities
– Prices of other feed replacements for animals.


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