Robusta Cherry AB Coffee

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Robusta coffee is a strong, full-bodied coffee with a unique, earthy flavor. It has distinct attributes – such as higher bitterness and lower acidity. Its flavors are bolder and darker, and exhibit a chocolaty note in the brew that’s greatly valued, especially in espressos. Compared to Arabica coffee, Robusta Coffee contains more caffeine, antioxidants and is known to be more disease- and pest-resistant. It has a high tolerance to leaf rust pathogen, white stem borer and nematode invasion, and the potential to give consistent yields.

Coffee has traditionally been an export-oriented commodity in India. India has been 7 th largest coffee producer globally; after Brazil, Vietnam, Columbia, Indonesia, Ethiopia and Honduras. As far as production of Robusta variety is concerned, India has emerged as the 4th largest producer accounting for around 6% share in global Robusta production. Robusta Coffee has a share of more than 70%, of the total Coffee produced in India


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