Check the Fees and Deposit Structure to Become a member at STAPP.



  • Application Processing Fees: Rs. 2,000/- plus applicable Tax.

  • If TCM is clearing through STCM/PCM, the member will have to maintain a base capital of Rs. 50 Lakh with the NCCL in the form of cash only.

  • No exposure will be allowed on IFSD (refer circular no NCDEX/MEMBERSHIP-018/2018/190 dated August 02, 2018) and Base Minimum Capital (refer circular no. NCDEX/RISK-022/2015/319 dated October 05, 2015 and NCDEX/RISK-033/2016/207 dated September 02, 2016).

  • All clearing members required to maintain a Minimum Liquid Networth of Rs 50 lakh at all points. Kindly refer to circular no. NCDEX/RISK-014/2018/194 dated August 07, 2018.No exposure will be allowed on the same.

    Kindly refer to circular no.NCDEX/RISK-014/2018/194 dated August 07, 2018. No exposure will be allowed on the same.

  • BMC requirement is Rs 50 Lakh for Algo Trading Facility.